If you play pecans online , you’ve probably noticed that they fall into two broad categories: 5-reel and 3-reel. While the former have gained momentum and are now the most numerous, variants of 3-reel pecan games seem to be becoming increasingly rare. In Australia, for example, all pecan games are now only available in the 5-reel structure. Are these games better than 3-reel games? Here is some useful information you need to know!

Profit rate (payout)

When we talk about a game of pecans, we can not ignore the profit rate. This is an essential selection criterion, as it shows what percentage of the money played goes back to the players. All online asia818 games, whether they have 3 or 5 reels, run on a RNG (Random Number Generator) system. It ensures that the games are 100% correct and always win at random. If we look at the profit rate for each type of pecan games, we can see that the data is quite close in the long run. Regardless of the number of rolls, the profit rate remains the same. At present, the average profit rate is around 95%. This can increase or decrease for certain games, being useful to always watch the games with the highest profit rates in order to have more chances to win. Since there is a much larger range of online 5-reel pecan games, it is possible to find a game of this type with a higher profit rate. Thus, although there is no real difference between the two types of games, the fact that there are several online reels with 5 reels can still change the data of the problem.

Frequency of earnings and number of paylines

Another important aspect for a pecans game is the frequency of winnings. If we talk about this, we must automatically refer to the number of payment lines. This time, as the number of reels is higher in the case of 5-reel online pecan games, they have more paylines. With multiple paylines, they have even more winning combinations. A 5-reel pecan game has winnings that consist of combinations of 3 to 5 symbols.

In other words, in a 5-reel pecan game the frequency of winnings is higher for lower values. Online 3-reel pecan games offer the chance to win bigger, which is true, less often. It all depends on luck, though.

Graphics and level of entertainment

The range of 5-reel games has been in the spotlight for some time, so most game makers are competing to launch more and more animated and captivating games. 5-reel online pecan games are very fun and profitable at the same time. They have a wide variety of themes, special effects and integrate wild and scatter symbols of all kinds. Also, almost all of these online pecan games have bonus spins with free spins, which greatly increase winnings.

On the other hand, a 3-reel pecan game is usually a classic, keeping the theme of those games that I found in the beginning in casinos and gambling halls. These pecan games have symbols with fruits, sevens, bells, clovers, stars, etc. Although there are also games with 3-reel jackpots recently launched, following the model of interactivity of 5-reel, most of them have a simpler graphics and are not so developed. In general, I would say that 90% of the games in online casinos have 5 reels.

At a glance at the entire casino gaming market, these 3-reel slot games are becoming increasingly rare in casinos and physical gaming rooms. However, there are many players who prefer their simplicity and are attracted by the fact that luck can still decide the winning prizes.

So is a 5-reel pecan game better than a 3-reel game? Our opinion is that yes. They are much more captivating and fun and make the risk of looking much more attractive. Also, many of the recently released 5-reel online poker games have a very high chance of winning and are very profitable. But it depends on everyone’s preferences. Tricks are games in which luck decides everything, so many players find simpler games with 3 more suitable reels. What is certain is that in online casinos we rarely find a game with 3 reels. Fortunately, however, we can play games with pecans that are adapted to today’s high level of interactivity. Regardless of the type of online pecans we choose, the most important thing is to have fun and feel good.

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